Interviewed: Promo Fashion Magazine
I’ve been interviewed by the folks over at PROMO Magazine.  You can read the full interview here.  We talk a little bit about inspiration, doing new things, biggest challenges and how I approach a new project. I always find it strange to read about myself (and as Jim Gaffigan would say, “while I’m thinking about myself and writing about myself and posting about myself…). It’s a little like listening to myself speak – I hate the sound of my voice. I sound strange…but most people don’t seem to notice or care so maybe you won’t mind, notice or care in this interview either.
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Published: PUMP Magazine
I was very excited to get the news that our photo shoot on the Wilcox Playa got picked up by PUMP Fashion Magazine in their March 2017 edition. This shoot turned into quite the production before it was over so it was very gratifying to see it in print.  It was amazing to see the photos spread out across 11 pages and it was great to be able to share that with the team as well. Having two spreads mixed in there didn’t hurt either.  Publication is a goal that I’m working toward more and more and so this was another step toward realizing that goal. It goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without a great team of very talented people that joined in and helped make this possible. For their help and support I’m very grateful. Photo Credits:  Models: Bianca Brotherton, Arizona Model Management Elizabeth Lane, Arizona Model Management Carli Shepherd Designer: Estéban MUAH: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry Wardrobe Assist: Manny Manriquez Photo Assist: Daniel Ford
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Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 2017 (WWWC6)
I discovered the Steampunk community a few years ago with the WWWC3. I had never seen anything like it and I instantly fell in love with the clothing, the costumes and the people. In case you were wondering what Steampunk is the best short description I’ve heard is that it’s “Victorian era science-fiction” where steam is the main power.  Having said that the genre is broad and there are as many different interpretations of what it means as there are people who participate in it. This is my 3rd year covering the event and I’ve come to know many of the attendees and so this year I spent more time talking to those guys and catching up and less time taking pictures. It’s a wonderful community made of some incredibly genuine people who are in love with an era that never quite happened. Still, I admire the work and the time that they put into their costumes and the enthusiasm they bring. Attached are a few selected pictures from the event. If you were at the event and are looking for other pictures please use the contact form to get in touch and I’ll try and help you find your […]
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Breeze – a fashion editorial
Breeze – Fashion on the Playa Driving from Tucson along I10 headed east you will see a large, flat white area just before you reach Wilcox, Az. This is the Wilcox Playa and it’s fascinated me for years as I’ve driven by it. I was always too busy to stop and try and explore it. Then a friend of mine showed me a picture they had taken on the playa itself and I realized that I really wanted (needed) to do a photo shoot there. The landscape was just stunning: stark, big, beautiful and clean but I felt it would need certain wardrobe to really make the most of it. Enter Estéban Osuna. I had been collaborating with Estéban on another shoot and he mentioned he was getting ready to show his new collection. Unlike the previous year which featured black heavily, the new collection had a lot of flowing dresses in earth tone colors like copper, white, tan and blue and I realized that this collection would be a good fit for this outdoor location. We were all set to go and then in the two weeks leading up to the shoot we started getting a lot of rain […]
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Heirs to the throne
Not going to lie – 2016 was a hard year.  I had a freak accident and tore my quadriceps tendon off my knee.  My surgeon told me that while my long-term prognosis was good my recovery would be slow and he was right. Everything came to an immediate grinding halt and my entire focus became learning to walk again.  The upshot was that for many months I was unable to do any photography at all. So when 2017 came around I was itching to get back to and I wanted to do something darker and edgier than I had been doing. I  had a desire to play with colored light and introduce some visual interest using those elements and though this proved to be harder to to master and control than I had first anticipated I did learn a lot. I had heard about Estéban Osuna as a designer a while back and I was impressed by many of of his dresses. Their flare for drama and attention to detail really piqued my interest and the fact that he had several in black only made it better. Esteban and his partner Manny were a dream to work with. Friendly, organized […]
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Senior Portraits with Christina
I meet Christina and her family one late afternoon down at the University of Arizona to shoot Christina’s senior portraits. We were just to about to get into the busy time of year – and Christina, a ballerina, was rehearsing almost non-stop getting ready for some holiday performances. Between dance and school, she is extremely busy and this was the only time that was available on the calendar. Our plan for this late afternoon, was to shoot both traditional Sr. Portraits and some ballet photos. I knew that Christina was nursing a foot injury from dance and my goal was to make sure that when we got to the dance shots that I was shooting quickly so as not to make any injuries worse. Despite the injury, Christina was nothing but smiles and grace. She is quiet but very easy to work with and she had that dancer’s ability to make almost any pose look good with very little direction from me. As we moved from location to location we fell into a groove of working together that just felt very relaxed and easy. At one point, we found a very out-of-the-way courtyard we started shooting some of the ballet photos. […]
Married: Adam and Lindsey Leidinger
I am not going to lie – this was not only a great wedding but somewhat of a tear-jerker for me personally. It was great because Adam and Lindsey are so happy and so clearly in love that you cannot help but get excited for them and the life they will share together. It was harder for me on a personal level because Lindsey was our “go-to” babysitter for our kids growing up. She was always fun, full of life and and our kids loved it when Lindsey was watching them. I have had the chance to watch Lindsey grow up and become this amazing young woman. She’s a part of our family and was instrumental in the growth of our children. As the kids got older and Lindsey moved to Phoenix my daughter would go and spend a week during the summer at Shoebox Manor with Lindsey. When Lindsey and Adam asked me to photograph their engagement and wedding photos not only was I deeply honored I felt a huge responsibility to honor their their commitment to each other through the photos. All weddings are frantic in their own way but Adam and Lindsey made it fun with their […]
Ashley at Empire Ranch
One of my goals is to be a versatile photographer – someone who can create whatever look is called for. By default my style probably leans toward more of a commercial look – crazy dresses, cool makeup and hair and dramatic poses. I can’t help it – I like that kind of thing but when it comes to modeling portfolio shots I have to go in a totally different direction in order to deliver what is needed. For modeling portfolio shots the goal is simple, clean and natural. Minimal makeup, minimal hair and very natural light. Recently Ashley and I teamed up to try and create a look like this. I chose Empire Ranch as a location because you can create a lot of different looks all in the same location. I’ve worked with Ashley several times now and she’s one of my favorite models because she brings a lot of energy and fun to anything she does. During this shoot my goal was to light Ashley in such a way that you could not tell I was adding light to the shot. For some of the “hard” light shots we just used the sun and nothing else I also wanted […]
The Mayor of Lexington
I like shooting portraits of interesting people. On a recent trip to NC my best friend Brad told me about about a guy named Donnie who chooses to live the homeless lifestyle. Over the course of my visit, I would see Donnie from time-to-time walking around Lexington. He would stop by my friend’s store and say “hello” to Brad and share some of his thoughts on things going on around town or to see if he could clean the parking lot for a few extra bucks. Within his community, Donnie is known as “The Mayor”. If you’re homeless and you come to Lexington, chances are good that Donnie will help you learn where you can go and which places to avoid along with whose turf is whose. There is a hierarchy in this world and Donnie is at (or near) the top of it. It was during one of his visits to the store that I asked him of I could take his photo. At first, he wasn’t sure I was serious but once I convinced him that I was, he agreed. So about a week later I found myself in a woods behind a Walmart standing with Brad in a small, […]
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Welcome to my Subverse
Back in March, I photographed the Wild, Wild West Steampunk Convention. I love doing it because I meet so many interesting people. This year, while I was there I took a photo of a model wearing some clothing from a company called Subverse. Once the photo was posted online, it lead to a discussion with Subverse about the possibility of using some of their clothing and accessories in a photo shoot. The owners of the company, Trevor Tarin & Arianna Feldman, were incredibly helpful and sent me several items to work with. I was like a kid in a candy store. Their hats and belts were all exquisitely made and I knew they were going to photograph beautifully. (Seriously, if you’re into festival wear and alternative fashion like steampunk and the like then do yourself a favor and go check out Subverse’s gear – it’s truly amazing) For this kind of a shoot I’ve got a specific kind of look in mind and I knew just the model for this. Bella Romeo is someone I’ve worked with before. I have a lot of confidence in her abilities and most importantly for this shoot, she has the ability to bring a […]
Meraki Magazine Interview
I recently shot an editorial for Meraki Magazine that was used both as the cover and the featured editorial for the April issue. As part of that, the editor asked me to do an interview. It’s the first time I’ve been interviewed and I’ll be honest, I feel a little awkward reading the finished results. I’m not sure why. It reminds me of those times when I hear my own voice played back. I hate how I sound when I hear my voice played back and I always wonder how can anyone bear to listen to me. In the same way it’s a little awkward to read about me talking about myself. It was also odd being in front of the camera and having someone give me direction – but I guess turn-about is always fair play and I was just glad that the pictures turned out as well as they did.  
Published: Meraki Magazine
I was excited to see the latest issue of Meraki Magazine and find my photos as the featured editorial showcasing the clothing of designer Theo Doro ( Our goal was to create a very clean look with a lot of pastels and spring colors. We used a lot of broad, even light to create a brighter look. This was a fun project and I had a great team to help out including: Models: Deidra Sherman, Bella Romeo & Sid Rhea MUAH: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry Styling: YK Productions Designer: Theo Doro Assisting: Kalei Harmon, Abbey Sweeny and Cynthia Locke   This project took on some additional work as the editors decided to do a behind-the-scenes feature on how the editorial came together. More to come on that….  
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Pima College Fashion Show Poster
Recently I was honored to be asked to photograph the poster for the Pima Community College Fashion Show. The theme of the show was “Elements” and incorporating  earth, air, fire and water. The creative director wanted to all four elements represented on one model. Kristopher Osuna stepped in for the make up duties. This was a very tricky concept in that it would have been easy to do too much turn our model’s face into a distracted mess. He did a masterful job of incorporating the creative elements required but still preserving Deidra’s face and natural beauty. Once the hair and makeup was completed I set about to light this creatively. I put a 48″ octabox camera left. Next I placed two lights camera left and right behind her and gelled with both a blue/purple and orange respectivley to draw out some highlights and color in her hair in order to show case more of Mr. Osuna’s work. It didn’t take us long to get the shot we were looking for and it was fun to see the final poster being used to promote the event. Credits: Model: Deidra Sherman MUAH: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry Creative Director: Yekatherina Bruner
Portrait Session with Kathleen Dreier
There is a saying that most doctors make bad patients, and in that vein I think most photographers make awkward subjects. Most of us photographers don’t like being seen in front of the camera. Therefore, I am always a little hesitant about doing portraits for other photographers. One day a photographer I really respect, named Kathleen Dreier, contacted me and asked if I would be willing to take some portraits for her professional work. I was honored that she thought of me for this project but then I got a little worried. Kathleen is a well known member of the Tucson community and she covers a lot of the events here in Tucson. She specializes in a documentary style of photography that seeks to capture the essence of the moment that people are experiencing. She has a real sensitivity for the people she photographs coupled with a strong sense of curiosity about their story and their lives. You can find more of her work on her website at or on her Facebook page. So needless to say I was a little nervous about this. I wanted to give Kathleen something that she would be really proud of and that truly captured her […]
On location with Laura Tanzer
I had been looking around for some different locations to shoot here in Tucson,. It seems like a lot of the architecture here in Tucson is the same and I wanted to find something different, clean and contemporary. After a lot of looking around a friend of mine got me in touch with the owners of a new home (less than five years old) that had been built in a very contemporary style. This home was about 5,000 square feet and located in an exclusive gated community with incredible views. To fit the environment I felt like I needed clothes that had strong lines and structure to them. Laura Tanzer was the designer that came to mind. Laura’s clothes have a lot of classic elements to them but they are also very contemporary as well. I was very excited when Laura agreed to be a part of the shoot. The day of the shoot presented a number of challenges. First being on location with the every changing light required the use of at least off camera light all of the time. Second, the home owner wanted to make sure we did not scratch the floors so the entire crew (and […]
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